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Living Donor Facts

  • All medical costs related to the donor’s evaluation, testing & surgery are covered by the recipient’s insurance
  • Donor’s evaluation and test results are confidential and not shared with the recipient.
  • Travel and Lodging expenses can be covered by the recipient or by Kidney Organizations
  • Some Kidney Organizations offer to cover lost wages during the recovery period
  • Donor surgery is typically done Laparoscopically which is “minimally invasive” using several small incisions
  • Donors experience less pain, shorter recovery time & less scaring with laparoscopic surgery
  • Donor is usually hospitalized for 1-2 days and recovery is expected to last on average 2-4 weeks
  • Donor is assigned his/her own Transplant Coordinator and Patient Advocate separate from the recipient
  • Donor is able to return to a normal life after a few weeks after surgery
  • Medically eligible donors can participate in the Paired Exchange Program on behalf of their recipient should they not be a perfect match