Helping Make Your Dreams of Finding A Living Kidney Donor Possible

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Platinum Package: $1750

The Platinum Package offers the Best Value and is the best overall package to help you Share Your Story to an unlimited number of individuals and groups of people to help you find Potential Living Donors. It includes your own personal website that I design for you similar to my own personal website (click on link) that was the key ingredient to my success in helping me find my Living Donor. The Platinum Package also includes a personally designed Kidney Campaign Business Card with your website domain name on it to help you in Sharing Your Story to find Potential Living Donor. It also includes strategic marketing, advertising and social media strategies that I successfully utilized to Share My Story with a larger unknown group of people that produced great results in finding Potential Living Donors. I will also provide you with a brief description and links to various informational websites that you can research on your own to gather information rather than trying to figure out everything on your own. This will save you countless of hours of research, time and stress. Also included is an outline on How to Make A Powerful Video For Your Website to describe your situation and your need for everyone to Share Your Story to help you Find a Living Donor. It also includes a minimum of 120 minutes of personal one-on-one coaching to answer your additional questions that might arise during your search for a Living Donor.

Fee Schedule:

  • $1750:   One-time Initial Payment 
  • $1800:   Option of  2 payments - 1) $900 Initial Payment 2)  $900 Final Payment when website is completed and approved by you
  • $1850:   Option of 3 payments - 1) $600 Initial Payment  2) $600 Design is submitted to website designer  3) $650 when website is completed and approved by you. 

Please remember that RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED as many factors such as your geographical area, your blood/tissue type, your individual efforts to follow The Living Kidney Donor Search Program and any possible unforeseen challenges, problems and/or medical issues with both you and your Potential Living Donors are out of my control when trying to find a Potential Living Donor and ultimately a Living Kidney Donor Transplant.